Вторник, 21 Февруари 2017

Promotional material

In the course of implementation of Ljubljana Process II, brochures, leaflets, booklets and video material have been produced by the RCC TFCS Secretariat and the NTFs, and disseminated through printed and online sources. Along with visibility events, these publications contribute to communicating results, values, objectives, methodology, potential and benefits of Ljubljana Process II. In addition, this kind of promotion helps raise awareness not only about the sites and monuments inscribed on the PILs, but also about the intrinsic value of cultural heritage for society, and the importance of regional cooperation in the sphere of culture.

In November 2012, the Ljubljana Process brochure, promoting its objectives, achievements and benefits was produced and has since been distributed to all partners and stakeholders.

In the period of April – June 2014, six PIL brochures were produced and printed with a unified design according to the RCC TFCS Book of Standards, and prepared together with the Project Coordinators. These brochures contain general information about each PIL entry with a focus on significance and rehabilitation potential, hoping to raise awareness and attract the interest of those who will recognize that cultural heritage is much more an asset and an asset to sustainable development rather than an obstacle to it. The brochures are available for download.

In the same period as the English version of the brochures, another five PIL brochures were printed in the mother tongues of the beneficiaries, with a unified design according to the RCC TFCS Book of Standards. These brochures, like the ones printed in English, contain general information about each PIL entry with a focus on significance and rehabilitation potential. The brochures are available for download.

Finally, a PIL brochure encompassing monuments and sites from all the Ljubljana Process beneficiaries has been produced in October 2014. It summarizes information from the PILs, elaborates on their focus and aim, and emphasizes promotion of the PIL approach. The idea of priority-setting and the variable perception of significance and value of monuments and sites is presented in this publication, along with the concept of common regional approach. In addition, it provides a general overview of Ljubljana Process II – Rehabilitating our Common Heritage.

Another publication, created in the period of February – April 2014, within the sub-grant projects for Activity 1 and Activity 2 of the 0.5 mill Grant for Sustaining the Rehabilitation of Cultural Heritage in the Western Balkans, was a leaflet and brochure for the Former French Embassy in Cetinje, Montenegro. The brochure followed an exhibition on Architectural Research of the Former French Embassy was held in November 2013, as a part of the Celebration of European Heritage Days in Montenegro.


Ljubljana Process was also promoted through a brochure published within the annual book “Naše Starine” by the Institute for the Protection of Monuments within the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sport of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The brochure is available for download.

A short promotional video of the 6th meeting of the RCC TFCS, containing interviews with RCC TFCS members and Project Coordinators on the benefits and achievements of Ljubljana Process, is available on the homepage. It presents the final selection of monuments for the Grant for Preserving and Restoring Cultural Heritage in the Western Balkans, and depicts one of the three that benefited from this Grant – the Franciscan Monastery in Bač.
Yet another video of the Workshop on Activity 1 – Urgent Interventions, is available on the homepage. It is used as promotional and informative material for raising visibility of Ljubuljana Process activities and the 0.5 mill Grant.

Ljubljana Process bookmarks and posters have been printed for the purpose of visual promotion and presentation of the programme.

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